Image Zoom on humanitarian tourism: discovery and solidarity

Zoom on humanitarian tourism: discovery and solidarity

Humanitarian tourism

Humanitarian tourism or volunteering tourism has been part of the tendency these recent few years. Humanitarian tourism is somehow considered as a day off at the present time. Not only do the visitors find out new culture and environment, but they also have the chance to give a hand to struggling communities.

Definition of humanitarian tourism

These quick growing public awareness programs make everyone sensitive to standard of living and culture of different countries, nations and ethnics. The most significant thing is that only good people are involved in this process and not those who are going to stop after couple days and only take artistic pictures of the unfortunate ones.

Advocating your time (as an unpaid assistant) will require a volunteering mindset and your work will be based lovely gestures for different cultures, religions and way of life. It is mandatory that these programs end up to something better and establishing sustainable effects are their long-term result expected.

What are the advantages of these humanitarian programs?

If they work properly, humanitarian programs can be a life changing for these communities. As a human being, it is astonishing to know the impact of your service to these communities. Here are some advantages of these programs: 

  • Widen your skyline as you discover different cultures 
  • Escape from your comfort zone 
  • Set up relationship with the inhabitants 
  • Acquire knowledge through new culture 
  • Being open to changes and growth

If you are willing to participate on an humanitarian expedition for your practical experience in a specific area, working in a foreign country will be an asset for your resume. This is a proof that you are ready to be totally engaged in your work.

Moreover, as a volunteer, you will realize that helping the others is a way to help yourself. If you would like to give up on the luxury and the commodity of your daily life, you will have the chance to do a real analysis.

Make your own research

Whenever you are talking about programs or opt for humanitarian tourism, it is necessary to do some research. Get information from an agent or an association working on the area or even a foundation, like Prem Rawat about the amount of money that is going to be needed in order to help cities or villages where you are willing to work.

Myriads of commercial industries are starting to exploit this generous outlook of these young unpaid helpers.They  promise these unpaid assistants to realize miracles in hopeless countries; nonetheless, they make profits on the cost of travel. The thing is that only small amount of money is going to be given to those who are really in need.

If you want to join a non-profitable organization like being a humanitarian and a volunteer tourist, do not be afraid of asking information about the main and the real concerns of the program and the use of the money. As far as a trustful organization is concerned, you can get in touch with this association named Prem Rawat.