Image Our advice before going on a humanitarian mission overseas

Our advice before going on a humanitarian mission overseas

Humanitarian aid out of the sea

Humanitarian mission is a synonym of volunteering, volunteer work, a particular charitable or even a charity work to nations and countries where it is needed the most. In these countries, women and children are subjected to violence in the society, the elderly people and the orphans are deprived of care. Beside this, some people suffer from incurable diseases; others live in mental and physical disabilities.

Most of the time, poverty-stricken countries and developing countries are in much need of humanitarian assistance. Most of the time, these countries are victims of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, hunger, epidemics and crises due to a war.

There is a foundation which is known as the Prem Rawat Foundation, which undertakes large-scale initiatives in terms of humanitarian actions around the world. Thus, what do you have to do before registering to a humanitarian and social program overseas?

Recommendations for those who are willing to integrate a philanthropic aid program outside their homeland

Get well-acquainted with your host country

Acquiring data on your host country is of a great necessity before your departure. Thus, you should learn about the language of communication, history, customs and traditions. It is required to know all those essential things so that you can live peacefully within the local community. Beside this, avoid any possible conflicts and respect their culture and their lifestyle. Knowing the country's fundamental issue is also essential.

Have the skills which match the mission's requirements

It is necessary that you integrate yourself with the local people to effectively communicate with them. Therefore, it is essential to open yourself with the others, because your trip will be focused on exchange, social involvement, sharing, and most importantly listening and understanding the others. Furthermore, the unpaid missionary must be interested in solidarity; he should be open to a global exchange and able to intervene in different areas of development or to realize benevolent operations.

Define the clear aim of the commissioned work

Having a well-defined purpose makes you have a transparent thought about the gradation, you need to follow along your journey. Thus, analyze the required time to attain your goal and plan your daily schedule accordingly. The objective is to be efficient in your focus area and to make local inhabitants benefit from the project.

Be motivated

As a volunteer work, a humanitarian aid requires motivation, passion and love. You should enjoy helping the others. Having a high motivation will help you overcome any kind of difficulties during your planned trip. Likewise, philanthropic mission is above all an act of international solidarity. Not only is it for struggling countries, but it is also made for all states that are looking for humanitarian assistance. Hence, having a strong self-motivation is recommended.

Ensure administrative formalities

To spend some time abroad, administrative formalities and official documents such as your passport, visa and travel insurance are required and must be well-prepared. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of your return. A medium or long stay visa for 3 to 6 months is required as well. It is compulsory that you subscribe to an insurance company which will be in charge of the costs of medical treatment, and repatriation coverage if needed.